8.Red Swing

UnfurlingBlkgreen Black with Ball RED Magic _gjm7842 _gjm7846 2wall yellow 3 In The Spirit 2014

Circle Series Buttercup        2012

Circle Series Buttercup 2012

Birds23inH space 4 wheel 005 019 028HOW THE SCULPTURES ARE MADE:

REDEFINING FORMS –This series is based on the free flow of experimental pencil drawings.  The work is spontaneously started by freely doodling.  Then I redraw the forms in more detail, and scan them into the computer to  prepare them for a laser or waterjet machine. After the forms are cut out, shapes are refined with a hammer and anvil.  Aluminum is soft enough to make this process possible.  The next step is bending, folding, twisting and turning, sometimes welding and combining sections of additional metal. At this stage I create interactive moving parts. Sometimes the movement is in response to wind, and sometimes the forms are balanced to turn with a slight push.

Next the sculptures are welded and polished, or powder coated in bright colors.


Yellow and Blue play



Orange Blossom

Flame Red Aluminum 2010 27H x22W x 2ftD

21.Black Form of Magic

28.Fly Away 2ftH x 16 in  W

2yellow leaf